What I have learned while in Quarantine

If I knew I wasn't coming back to college after spring break I never would have left.

These past few weeks/months have been rough and weird for everyone but sometimes its better to make the best out of the situation.

The Time Line

At first when the virus was going around it was Spring Break at my university. I was supposed to be going on a trip to Costa Rica, but days before I was supposed to leave it was cancelled. At this point the virus was mainly in China with a few in Europe and no cases in the United States. I was angry and sad my trip got cancelled because I thought this isn't going to effect me or where I'm going.

Since I wasn't planning on going home because of the trip, I got my mom to come visit me at my apartment. I am so happy looking back that she came up (while it was safe to) because we are still separated but at least I saw her. We took a fun weekend trip to the city together (with my boyfriend since we live together) and made many great memories!

I got my refund back from my trip, stuck at my apartment, and I was trying to make plans for a trip to Florida instead. Still no cases in the US. I ended up not going because there was rumors and news speculating about the virus because it was slowly spreading to the US. At this point I received emails from my university saying that they are extending spring break for an extra two weeks. Still thought nothing of my spring semester being cancelled.

I was unsure about going home during this extension because I live four hours away, and I thought we would be back on campus after the two week period. I also thought about how I pay for my apartment so if I leave and go home it would be a waste of money. I also feared stopping at rest stops and catching the virus and taking it home to my family. I'm glad I didn't leave and I stayed here.

Not long into this two week extension my university moved all classes online, which I didn't hate (at first). But I miss being on campus, being around my friends, sorority, clubs, professors. Everything. For me this meant no Greek Week, no meetings, no work, no block party, no sisterhoods, no finals week, no moonlight breakfast, no spring concerts, no Starbucks dates, no common hour, no human interaction. Nothing.

So here I am today, still no human interaction. Must be 6 feet apart, must wear a face mask in public (in PA), Must stay inside unless essential like grocery shopping, must pick up, get delivery, or drive through your food. Must walk one way in a grocery store, Must pay your rent even if your job got taken away.

What I've Learned

But I'm okay with staying in. I've taken many afternoon walks, been creative, productive, and learned more about myself. Its easy to be lazy or to be stressed with trying to better yourself or learn something new or do something with all of this free time. I have been on both sides of it. I have been on Tik-Tok so long that their well being page popped up on my feed and wouldn't let me to continue watching for an hour. But, I have also had days where I would do my school work, went on a walk, tried writing blog posts, cleaned my apartment, took photos for Instagram, tried being creative, and it was just too much. I am still learning to find a balance between the two, and its not easy because this isn't what we are used to. Many people especially students are used to going to class everyday working on homework, hanging out with friends, and finding a routine to make life work. One of the biggest things I have heard people say during this time is to make yourself a routine but it isn't as easy as it sounds. Many of us aren't used to being at home all day long, so its easy to get out of your routine if your stuck in one spot.

(I even made this dress for myself)

Some things I have learned while staying inside is that I tend to run myself thin in my everyday life. I usually found it hard to do things I enjoy such as blogging, and posting on social media, taking photos, and being creative. I work 2 jobs on campus I am in a sorority and 2 clubs while being a full time student. So I have been taking advantage of this time to better myself and do things I enjoy doing. I have been posting a lot more on Instagram which has been one of my goals, I have connected with a ton of amazing girls with the same goals and dreams as me through social media. And I've been able to binge watch shows, make breakfast every morning, and just relax.

At the beginning this was much more stressful, getting emails from every company talking about how they are handling the situation to seeing the numbers on TV and social media. We all just need a break, and to take this one step at a time and enjoy this time we have while the world is still. On the bright side mother nature is happy we aren't in her way.