Photoshop Tutorial: How to Remove an Object from your Images

Step 1: Open your File

Open the photo that you want to use for this project. Start by opening Photoshop and going to File, Open. At this point your File explorer will come up and you will select your image.

Step 2: Decide what needs to be removed

Lets pretend the phone was accidentally left on the table when you were trying to take this flat lay photo. We now figured out the phone needs removed from this image. This can work for many different types of photos like if you want to remove a random person who accidentally walked into your photo this tutorial will work for that.

Step 3: Using the Lasso Tool

On the left tool bar you will see a little lasso icon which is the lasso tool. We are going to use this tool to outline the phone in this image.

Step 4: Outline using the Lasso Tool

Now that you have the lasso tool selected you are going to click and drag to outline the phone. You want to make a complete outline that is closed. When done correctly the image will be surrounded by a moving outline.

Step 5: Using the Content-Aware Fill Tool

Now that you have the object outlined we are going to use the Content-Aware Fill tool. To find this tool you will go up to the top left of the navigation tabs and select Edit. From there you will get a list of different things, you will go half way down to find the Content-Aware Fill tab and you will select that.

Step 6: Preview Screen and Content-Aware Fill Bar

After you selected the Content-Aware Fill tool you will see a split screen preview pop up. On the Left you will see a green shaded area surrounding the outlined object. This green shaded area is the area that is being used to 'fill' the outlined area, it is trying to make it match as seamlessly as possible. On the Right you will just see the preview screen for what the tool has done to your image. Your Regular tool bar is now gone and it is now the content aware tools. The one we are going to look at and use is the Sampling Brush Tool.

Step 7: Using the Sampling Brush Tool

Like you learned in Step 6 the Green Area on the left of the screen is the area that is being used to replicate and fill the area where we outlined the phone. Using the Sampling Brush Tool you are going to click and drag areas of the image that you do not want replicated. For example we want that area where the phone was to be as white as the desk. So we take the Brush tool and uncover these areas we do not want replicated such as, the pink sticky notes, the plant, and the black notebook. As a side note: the Sampling Brush tool is usually used when the Right Preview screen is showing you something other than what is being shown in the photo above.

For Example: if part of the pink sticky note showed up where the phone was we would use the Brush Tool to remove that as an option, and then Photoshop will retry the content-aware fill to better fit the image.

Step 8: You are Done!

After you hit OK in the bottom right of the preview screen it will take you back to the image and look like this. The phone has been successfully removed from the photo!

Thank you for completing my Photoshop Tutorial on Removing an Object from your Photo.