Throwback: A Digital Reconnect from the Past

4-4-3-3-9-9-9 Oh wait, its 2019 we don't have to text like that anymore. If you didn't get that - Hey! Consider yourself lucky you never had to text like that. But here you are staying connected with my blog post. As many people do now since we are always on our phones. Always scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, making sure we are on top of what’s trending – because admit it without it we’d have major FOMO

These developments with technology and staying connected on social media can be more beneficial than it seems. The constant buzzing of your notifications can get annoying but it is keeping us informed, many times, with things that are important. The older generations are always complaining that all we do is spend time on our phones. But it isn’t that bad, if our parents try to call us we will be able to quickly answer, or if there is an emergency we will be able to reach out for help. Being constantly connected allows us to stay up-to-date with news, or even to look up something we don’t know. (Like me always googling the answer to something). For me it helps to keep me curious, questioning and finding the answers so I am always learning new things. Staying connected through social media is a benefit that technology has given us. Without social media we wouldn’t be able to connect with friends who live far away, or even be able to meet new friends. Most of the notifications I get are messages from friends and family through different social media platforms especially while being at college. Check out this article to know your not alone & everyone likes using social media to stay connected.

Steve Jobs

Technology has changed a lot from 10 years ago, even 5 years ago. The evolving technology has allowed us to do everything you used to do on a computer all on the small screen of your smartphone today. 10 years ago, I remember texting my friends would take like 5 minutes because I would have to type “4433999” just to say hey. But today I can be done a whole conversation through texting in 5 minutes, thanks to technology. Having access to the web, social media, and thousands of apps makes a complete difference to the phones we used years ago. The main use of phones used to be to call and text – now you can call, text, video chat, access websites, apps, and even take photos better than $1000 cameras. Check out the quality of that photo of Steve Jobs (above), you can tell it wasn't taken on a smart phone.

The 90s Called: They are jealous of us

Ever wonder how selfies worked before front facing cameras? Check out this video to see how! - and lets thank technology & Steve Jobs for creating front facing cameras.

Don't Believe Everything you Read on the Internet

What happened to this? I always remember being told not to believe everything you read on the internet but it seems like people forgot except here & read why. The negative impact I see most often online is that people are relying on the internet too much. Constantly asking google the answers to your every question may be helpful but not for all reasons, go out and find the answer for yourself. False news and facts is another problem with technology today, mostly everyone has access and is constantly connected to the media – which some media could be false and sending messages that aren’t necessarily the best ones. While using social media and online resources it is best to take everything with common sense and limit yourself from other peoples opinions – its not hard to lose yourself while online.

I find myself walking around campus on my phone, and well everyone around me for that matter. We like to stay connected, and walking between classes is our time to reconnect to the online world after a 50 min class. I even find myself wondering what the weather is going to be for the day asking one of my roommates, with their response being "OK Google - Whats the weather?" In the end, we are all impacted by technology whether we like it or not, it shapes how we live our daily lives and even communicate with others. Through it all we always stay connected.