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Streaming Media

Streaming media is what many people use today to listen to their audio. Think about Spotify or Pandora both are audio streaming applications that people can use to access audio. Since it is Streaming media this means that as soon as the audio file is downloaded it can begin playing on the device. The advantage to this is that anyone can choose the portion of the file that they want to play and control it too. But the downside to streaming is that it has high bandwidth requirements meaning it will take a lot to transfer the files to your computer so that you are able to stream them.

Downloadable Media

Downloadable Media is as simple as it sounds users can download audio files and access them over and over again since it is downloaded to their device which is an advantage it has. It is also positive that you don't have to have a specific media server to play/access these audio files. The only problem EVERYONE seems to have is that no one has storage left on their phone and they are prompted to free up some space. No thanks we're good. Downloadable Media will take up storage because of how large the file sizes are.

Pseudo Streaming Media

Pseudo Streaming allows media to play while it is being downloaded to your device. Everyone loves watching Netflix and you know you can watch your episodes by streaming the content as soon as you log on but you can also download episodes later to watch when you are offline. That is the same thing as Pseudo Streaming you are able to access the content as it is downloading without waiting for the whole thing to download first. Same thing as Spotify- as long as your connected to internet you can listen to your music and you can download it for later when your offline at the same time. Pseudo Streaming seems great since its like your multitasking but depending on the download speed it can interrupt the speed at which the media plays which means there may be delays. Pseudo Streaming download files can usually be really large which also slows down the download speed.

My Experience

I am always accessing media in different ways depending on if I am on my phone, laptop, and even my TV. I stream a lot of media in my everyday life. Starting with Spotify, I stream music through my phone to listen throughout the day using. Then when I am home I will stream TV shows and Movies through my Roku TV using the streaming channels they give or through Netflix. In my opinion streaming has taken over much of the downloading of media today. I remember having an old flip phone and an IPod downloading music on to them, but now everything is streamed through different servers. The only thing I feel like I download anymore is photos on my computer or updates. Pseudo Streaming is something I use sometimes - its not often that I am without internet so I don't have to worry about watching something and downloading it for later. Sometimes I will use my old IPod to use in my car to listen to music so I will listen to music through Spotify while creating and downloading playlists that I can listen to while I'm driving since IPod's don't have data.

After using the different types of media on different devices I can conclude that some can be better than others. On my phone accessing Netflix and Pseudo Streaming Episodes can be more difficult. It makes my WiFi run really slow which causes my show to buffer while I am watching it. But streaming Netflix on my phone without downloading it is usually fine depending on the quality of my WiFi. Downloading images, PDF's or anything on to my phone always takes up a lot of storage and I will get the notification telling me to clear up some of my storage space. Overall I think there are different uses for different ways of streaming media so some work better than others depending on what the media is that your working with.