Choose Your Colors

There are so many colors to choose from so I am helping you narrow down what tools are best for creating color palates or just getting color inspiration.

According to Creative Bloq  some of their favorites are color tools that have pre-made color palates that other users have already created, or you can edit and make your own. Many of these sites allow the user to draw colors from an image that brought them inspiration such as: Huesnap,, and Adobe Colors CC. One interesting site that Creative Bloq chose was Khroma - This site uses artificial intelligence to help the user create color palates based off of the 50 colors that they liked.

Khroma (Beta)

Khroma was a site that stood out to me off of the creative Bloq's list of color picking tools to use. This website isn't just for picking color palates but it uses artificial intelligence to create colors for you. I tested it out myself. First it makes you chose 50 colors that you like from a really long list of colors. Then after you choose you wait while it 'learns' what is best for you (this part takes a while) but the outcome is great. I was expecting to get a color palate like every other website does, but Khroma gave me a color along with a text color that goes along with it so you have the perfect contrast of colors to make your web designs more exciting than the typical black text on white page. There's more: Khroma has Gradients, Image Filters, Text pairings, and Palates to help you with your designer needs. If you look at the figure below you can see the different tools offered through this color picking site.


This website stood out to me because it is definitely different than any of the other rated color picking tools. Eggradients is simply pre-made gradients in the shape of an egg, besides that they also have some pretty crazy names. Im not sure how helpful this would be when it comes to designing (if you need a gradient I guess) but it will take your mind off the stress of finding a color palate. Check out the image below to see what Eggradients is all about.

According to another blog about the best color tools online, 1st Web Designer, ColorHexa is the #1 tool to use. It makes sense when you are selecting colors in adobe products hexcodes are always at the bottom of the color picker allowing you to type in whatever code/color you want. The thing about ColorHexa is, that it isn't like the rest, ColorHexa is simply an information library of colors, making it easy to access virtually any color a designer would need, so it makes it helpful when selecting a color palate. For actual Color palate tools 1st Web Designer suggests: Colors.css, Adobe, and Coolors.

Overall both blogs had similar takes on which color picking tools were best. Adobe, and Coolors were the two that they both listed in their rankings. These options make sense because they both do what they are supposed to do - Generate colors and color palates for designers to use including other features that make them both unique. After my experience always using Adobe I can agree with the bloggers that Adobe Color is a great tool to have when designing.