3 Websites that Want You to Accept their Privacy Policies

Please read and accept to the Privacy Statement. Do any of us actually ever read this? Or care? Probably not, at least it is never something I do when I am putting my personal information online. I just had to accept a Privacy Policy to connect to the guest WIFI I am using right now to write this, bit did I read it.... no. I feel that someway or another our personal information is out there and being compromised all the time, so how much can you actually be protected?


Facebook is one of the main sites that have been accused of using its users information. You can read about that HERE. Facebook is also one of the largest social media networks that people use daily, so millions of people have also put their personal information on Facebook as well. Not only Facebook having our information, but when I download new apps im too lazy to type in my email to register so I just hit the Sign up through Facebook button and then all of these other outside apps are also collecting my information that I have put on to Facebook. Most of it is harmless information like an email, but sometimes apps will want to access more, but again who sits there to read a privacy policy? Not me.


2-Day Shipping is my Best Friend. I will always order anything and everything off of Amazon when I can, I don’t have to worry about going to the store and paying for overpriced items. But I do have my addresses and passwords all stored on their site especially when I am at college I have that shipping address and my Home address saved. Then my payment methods are also stored on amazon, so if they could they could take over my life because I have my credit and debit cards saved to my account. I feel like this is the kind of information people would want if they are going to try and sell your personal data.


Instagram, owned by and works just like Facebook has my personal information but not only from the data aspect but from the aspect of my information being accessible to anyone well they can take that too, especially on my profile. I remember having a friend whose Instagram got hacked by someone in Russia, their username was changed, some photos were changed, and they had the account completely locked out to Instagram. My friend had to go through so many steps just to try and get her Instagram back from this problem

You can view these sites' Privacy Policy's Below

Facebook's Privacy Policy here

Amazon's Privacy Policy here

Instagram's Privacy Policy here

At this point even after reading through the privacy policy for each of these platforms it doesn’t make me feel any better or worse. I have come to learn that anything that I put online being personal Information or Photos/Videos someone is collecting that information, so no one is ‘safe’ from your information being compromised. - Limit what information you put online