3 Ways to style Biker shorts

Its getting close to spring and summer which means biker shorts are back. But don’t worry they are really versatile to style. So here are 3 ways to style your biker shorts.

1. The Athleisure Look

First is the athleisure look, whether you just want sporty vibes or your actually going for a workout this look is perfect for it. Especially when it starts getting warmer out and your not sure if leggings are it, biker shorts are the perfect in between!

Here's how I styled this:

2. The Off-Duty Model Look

You may have seen Kendall Jenner in this look a time or two so this is why I call this one the Off-Duty Model Look, or Comfy-Casual. Depending on the weather grab your favorite over sized tee or over sized sweatshirt and a pair of Chunky boots or sneakers. This can also be styled with print Biker Shorts for more fun! I styled this with a waist bag for an added accessory but its up to you!

Here's how I styled this:

3. The Business Casual Look

Can I actually wear this as business casual? I don't know. But there's a Blazer! I personally love this style the most and It seems to be the most popular among Celebs.

Here's How I styled this:

More Celeb Inspo:

Kim Kardashian-West in Biker Shorts

Various Models in Biker Shorts

That's all I have for how I style Biker Shorts, I hope you were Inspired to style your own outfits now! If you do, Tag me on Instagram @elisabethh_32 or @ehalemedia I would love to see your style. As always this is just for inspiration and ways you can style certain pieces so please make your style unique to you and have fun wearing it!