2 Ways you can Design your Website Layout

1. Card Layout

Card Layout is a pretty common design style when creating websites. One card = One idea of information. The goal is for these cards to be easy to read and look clean on a web page and keep information organized. One website/social media platform that comes to mind when I think of the card layout is Pinterest, each individual 'pin' is a card that guides users through the content which makes it simple to understand what your looking at.


Windows Tiles

Depending on what computer you have Windows has tiles when you open the start menu. They make it easy and accessible to their users to find whatever application or program they are looking for within their device. I know I use it often and it is really helpful when I am going through searching for programs.

If you want more information on how to Play your Cards Right follow the link here.

2. One Page Layout

Many websites that we see today have landing pages and a navigation bar at the top for even more content, but one page layouts can also be a great option to get all your info in one page. Some reasons for using a one page layout could be: Portfolios, Landing Pages, or Brochure websites. The great thing about one page sites is that all of your information is on one page so there will be less information that your audience has to go through meaning more attention to your content.


KitKat has an amazing one page layout design. It allows users to scroll through the different sections of their website without having to leave the landing page. I was able to get all the information they were trying to give me in less than a minute because I didnt have to do any extra clicking around. The design is seamless, creating graphics that interact with the user as they scroll and keeping the information in each section short and sweet just like a KitKat. Check out the website here.

Funny enough Kit Kat's other web page has cards! These cards are used to separate social media, videos, and purchasing information, unlike the informational one page layout just for the candy bar.

If you want to check out the example of the Kit Kat website with Cards click here

Final Thoughts

Overall I think that whichever web layout is used it will work depending on its purpose. Cards are simple and easy to use to create an organized place for users to interact with content. One-Page layout is a great way to organize all information on one page so that users can get all of the information in one scroll. I enjoy both designs, so not one is better to me than the other, it simply depends how well the layout is used.