Mood Board

The plan behind the design

I created this mood board as inspiration for the design of this website. You can see the growth and change of my design ideas in the mood board and how I incorporated some aspects into my website. 

The words Contemporary, Minimalist, and Sleek describe my design choices the best I want to have a portfolio that shows my personal style as well as the work that I create to give my audience a better feel of who I am as a designer. 

As I have been designing this website I have realized my love for print design and magazines. You will see elements that replicate the designs of those in magazines. 



The design behind the brand

After many sketches and Adobe Illustrator files later, I finally created a Minimalistic Logo that gives me a brand identity. 

Keeping a sleek style with text-only elements will allow me to use this logo in many different formats. whether it be for a resume, business card, on a website, or on a flyer people will be able to connect the logo to the designer. 

Black and white are simple and sleek but as seen in my mood board yellow/gold is a color I have included in my design process. Seeing the yellow logo now I have learned that it isn't the best with my design and plan for my brand. Which allowed me to learn that you just have to keep trying until you get it right.